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Awesomeness…new branding buzzword?

I came across this article today about “awesomeness” becoming the new “innovation.” The article (read if you’re interested) states that innovation is an outdated concept and awesomeness is what drives success for a company. Below the link is the response I posted on the site.

The Awesomeness Manifesto

It seems that most people who disagree with this have a problem with the word “awesomeness.” Call it what you will, the concept is exactly what’s needed in our economy. It’s what drives customer delight (not just customer satisfaction). Great customer service should be replaced with customer experience. This is at the heart of why Apple is successful at what they do from a consumer standpoint.

From the perspective of the company and its production, awesomeness (or clarity or innovation or whatever you want to call it) is the process of delivering products that delight, not just satisfy. People, I think, generally have a negative image of corporate America, and companies like Apple and Starbuck’s (the examples given here) are leading the drive to change that image.

As for those who have shared their frustration with or hatred for Apple, I’d wager the reason you can’t get satisfaction is due to the waiting time to get service. This gives testimony to the theory that they must be doing something right. I’ve never walked into an Apple store any time of day and found it anything but packed. It’s not a cult. It’s a community. Building communities and social circles is what creating and building a brand is all about. The companies that are enjoying the most success are the ones who realize this and are seizing these opportunities.

It all starts with awesomeness.