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The New Year Replaces the Old

As I look back and reflect on the year just passed, I realize that 2013 taught me a lot.

I’ve learned that people will often surprise you in the best possible ways.
That wonderful people will show up just when the timing is right.
That love and compassion are paramount.
That problems will arise and how we deal with them is the most important thing.
That no matter what happens, always move forward, and when you fall, fall forward.
That change is good, but transformation is better.

For the coming year, I will strive, not for mere change but for transformation.
To become the best version of myself.
To embrace challenges.
To let moments of frustration be transformed by love into opportunities for compassion.

I will strive to use my body more, both for work and for helping others find healing through loving connections, for my body is the best instrument I have for these purposes.
I will strive to practice moment-to-moment being.
To invite consistency.
And, most importantly, to embrace with gratitude each day I’m blessed to live.

There is so much negativity assailing us from every direction at all times, so I want to be a force opposing that negativity with as much love, joy, peace, compassion, and positivity as I can muster.

These are the things I desire for 2014, and I want them so much for you as well.

One day goodness will engulf us and we will be bathed in light.

Peace, joy, and prosperity to you and yours this new year.