The Fear Myth

Fear is nothing but anticipation of failure. It isn’t real. It’s something that our minds conjure up to prevent us from taking action toward our goals.

Fear means looking into the future to some imagined catastrophe that may or may not (and probably won’t) happen.

Fear can be overcome by action. Action breeds confidence, and the more we act, the less real our fears become.

Action allows us to see our fears for what they really are: figments of our imagination. We need to wake up and realize this to have mastery over that which we fear so we can truly be happy, as happiness is directly correlated to achieving goals.

Create your own environment instead of being a product of it, because, in the end, it’s all about taking our collective talents and resources, pooling them together and creating massive value for this world. And leaving our legacy on this planet.

Where do you wannna be in 10 years? The time is gonna pass anyway. Might as well take the next 10 years to become who you wanna be, to realize your time is limited, and to act accordingly.

Where do you wannna be in 10 years? The time is gonna pass anyway. Might as well take the next 10 years to become who you wanna be, to realize your time is limited, and to act accordingly.

The New Year Replaces the Old

As I look back and reflect on the year just passed, I realize that 2013 taught me a lot.

I’ve learned that people will often surprise you in the best possible ways.
That wonderful people will show up just when the timing is right.
That love and compassion are paramount.
That problems will arise and how we deal with them is the most important thing.
That no matter what happens, always move forward, and when you fall, fall forward.
That change is good, but transformation is better.

For the coming year, I will strive, not for mere change but for transformation.
To become the best version of myself.
To embrace challenges.
To let moments of frustration be transformed by love into opportunities for compassion.

I will strive to use my body more, both for work and for helping others find healing through loving connections, for my body is the best instrument I have for these purposes.
I will strive to practice moment-to-moment being.
To invite consistency.
And, most importantly, to embrace with gratitude each day I’m blessed to live.

There is so much negativity assailing us from every direction at all times, so I want to be a force opposing that negativity with as much love, joy, peace, compassion, and positivity as I can muster.

These are the things I desire for 2014, and I want them so much for you as well.

One day goodness will engulf us and we will be bathed in light.

Peace, joy, and prosperity to you and yours this new year.



Manifest Foundation/Hug it Forward Bottle School Project

A life-changing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kids in Guatemala.

Awesomeness…new branding buzzword?

I came across this article today about “awesomeness” becoming the new “innovation.” The article (read if you’re interested) states that innovation is an outdated concept and awesomeness is what drives success for a company. Below the link is the response I posted on the site.

The Awesomeness Manifesto

It seems that most people who disagree with this have a problem with the word “awesomeness.” Call it what you will, the concept is exactly what’s needed in our economy. It’s what drives customer delight (not just customer satisfaction). Great customer service should be replaced with customer experience. This is at the heart of why Apple is successful at what they do from a consumer standpoint.

From the perspective of the company and its production, awesomeness (or clarity or innovation or whatever you want to call it) is the process of delivering products that delight, not just satisfy. People, I think, generally have a negative image of corporate America, and companies like Apple and Starbuck’s (the examples given here) are leading the drive to change that image.

As for those who have shared their frustration with or hatred for Apple, I’d wager the reason you can’t get satisfaction is due to the waiting time to get service. This gives testimony to the theory that they must be doing something right. I’ve never walked into an Apple store any time of day and found it anything but packed. It’s not a cult. It’s a community. Building communities and social circles is what creating and building a brand is all about. The companies that are enjoying the most success are the ones who realize this and are seizing these opportunities.

It all starts with awesomeness.


Breaking news: I just uploaded my print portfolio at coroflot this week. A good sampling of my print pieces are displayed there. I have a website also, specifically for my motion design, flash animation and interactive design. That website is here. Check them out. All the cool kids are doing it.

I’m working on posting widgets to link to these two websites in the sidebar of this blog. Or at the very least, text links. Ideally, I’d like widgets because, well . . . they’re cooler.

Stay tuned for new and exciting stuff.

Unemployment, the job market, and random acts of design

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Honestly, my life has been fairly uneventful in the wake of my amazing experience helping flood relief efforts in Fargo, ND in March.

I’m still unemployed. It’s a rough time to be looking for work in a field that you have no experience with. I graduated last spring with a degree in Visual Communication from Brown College and have been looking for work ever since then. Each passing month following my graduation, the job market has steadily declined and the unemployment rate has kept climbing. We’re now 4+ months into Obama’s presidency and last I heard, the unemployment rate was up another 2.x% since Bush left office. So much for economic stimulus improving the job market.

I have decided to use my unbelievable amounts of free time to improve my skills and stay active in online social media, blogging (I’m trying to be better, honest), and most importantly, to keep learning new technologies, stay abreast of emerging tech news, and practice web design and programming skills. I’ve been setting aside a bit of time each day to study and practice JavaScript & AJAX development, ActionScript 3.0 and user experience, as well as keeping up on basic HTML/CSS. I’ve also been digging into Photoshop and Illustrator a little more and keeping busy with projects so my skills don’t entropy.

On that note, there is some news. I am currently in the process of redesigning my website, If you’ll notice, it is currently not much to look at, but is just a functional iframe version of my multimedia portfolio. I hope to make it into a personal website which will include other aspects of my life, including my portfolio. And not just the multimedia stuff. I hope to incorporate my print work into the site as well. And while I’m at it, if I can make it into an engaging user experience, well, that’ll be all gravy.

I’m also designing some CD art for my brother, Tim. He’s recorded a CD of his poetry set to music in spoken word form. The CD is called “A Place in Dreams.” Check out the title track, “They Don’t Know,” and “Bollywood Diva” at his myspace page.

I’m going home on Wednesday, June 17th to visit and hang out with my parents for a while. I don’t have any idea how long I’ll stay. It’s kind of liberating to say that, but it also freaks me out a little, I’m not gonna lie. I figured as long as my job search is turning up exactly zero, I’ll just keep working on and adding to my portfolio. I can do that from anywhere, so why not at home? I’ll keep looking for work, of course, and if I land an interview, I’ll come back and prepare for it. If not, well, I guess I’ll just hang out for a while and enjoy being with my family. Those are the moments I’m more likely to remember on my deathbed anyway.

Dike Patrol, Days 3 and 4

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day. Now it’s Sunday and yesterday went by without further incident, seemingly. I spent the day hanging out with my gracious hosts and their family, as travel is still not advised in most of the city. We waited for any further call for help and none came, so we relaxed, had dinner together, played some cards and enjoyed each other’s company.

We got word late last night that more volunteers were needed back at FargoDome in the morning to help fill a round of backup sandbags, so we planned to go to an earlier church service so we could get there to help earlier in the day.

This morning we woke to find out that there had been a breach in the dike by Oak Grove High School and four of the five buildings on campus have already been affected. Volunteers were mobilized quickly and by the time we got home from church, they were TURNING AWAY volunteers. The Dome was full and the breach, we were told, has been contained for now.

There is a metal wall built near Oak Grove that was built to hold back flood waters. There is supposedly a breach beneath the wall where water came streaming in at a pretty alarming rate. Before it could be contained, water had seeped into and caused damage in at least two of the buildings on campus, and last I heard, maybe up to four of the five buildings, including The Scheel Center of Performing Arts, the newest of the buildings on campus.

For now, I’m waiting to see if there will be room for more volunteers. The media has said they don’t want people to go to Oak Grove, and that volunteers should stay away, and there doesn’t seem to be other problems anywhere else with makeshift dikes holding.

I have to head back home to St. Paul, MN later today, but for now, there are TOO MANY volunteers.

What a great problem to have.