Dike Patrol, Days 3 and 4

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day. Now it’s Sunday and yesterday went by without further incident, seemingly. I spent the day hanging out with my gracious hosts and their family, as travel is still not advised in most of the city. We waited for any further call for help and none came, so we relaxed, had dinner together, played some cards and enjoyed each other’s company.

We got word late last night that more volunteers were needed back at FargoDome in the morning to help fill a round of backup sandbags, so we planned to go to an earlier church service so we could get there to help earlier in the day.

This morning we woke to find out that there had been a breach in the dike by Oak Grove High School and four of the five buildings on campus have already been affected. Volunteers were mobilized quickly and by the time we got home from church, they were TURNING AWAY volunteers. The Dome was full and the breach, we were told, has been contained for now.

There is a metal wall built near Oak Grove that was built to hold back flood waters. There is supposedly a breach beneath the wall where water came streaming in at a pretty alarming rate. Before it could be contained, water had seeped into and caused damage in at least two of the buildings on campus, and last I heard, maybe up to four of the five buildings, including The Scheel Center of Performing Arts, the newest of the buildings on campus.

For now, I’m waiting to see if there will be room for more volunteers. The media has said they don’t want people to go to Oak Grove, and that volunteers should stay away, and there doesn’t seem to be other problems anywhere else with makeshift dikes holding.

I have to head back home to St. Paul, MN later today, but for now, there are TOO MANY volunteers.

What a great problem to have.


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