Fargo and the Flood

I’ve been driving myself crazy the last few days trying to think of a way I can help my dear friends in the Red River Valley. Some way I can offer some hope, to do my part. Well, today I was given that opportunity. I was liberated from my job.

Some might call it being fired, but that’s just splitting hairs.

The first thing I thought of (after, “holy crap, what am i gonna do?”) was that now I can go to Fargo and help sandbag. Sure I have no income and no car, but those are trivial details.

Solution #1: No car. I went to enterprise.com and booked a four-day rental at half price. Thursday to Monday for less than 100 bucks. Done.

Solution #2: No income. A little trickier. But I have enough money to get me there and survive for a few days in Fargo. What I don’t have is any cash coming in to replace what it will cost me.

So, how would you like a chance to help out with #2? I know that many of you are stuck in your 9 to 5 job and can’t get away to offer YOUR assistance, but would you like to help me, so that I can? If the tables were turned and you were unemployed and wanting to go, I’d donate to your cause without batting an eye. If you can afford to help me so that I can at least replace the money I spend on this trip, I’d be most grateful. Times are tight, I know, but I think most of you could at least afford a few bucks–$10, $15, $20, $30–whatever you can do will be much appreciated.

My goal is $500 for the trip, as I estimate that’s about what it will cost me. If I surpass that, anything extra will go to help volunteer efforts in Fargo.

You can make a donation via paypal to dtwaddle@gmail.com.

Yes, I’m serious.

This is your chance to help the efforts. I leave tomorrow (Thursday) around noon. I’ll be heading out with my laptop and a bag full of gadgets, ready to blog, photograph, write, record, etc. my experiences and talk to folks. And sandbag, of course.

I’ll be updating this blog as I go along.


One response to “Fargo and the Flood

  1. ellyn Erickson

    yay, Donovan!

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